Agriculture has been the bastion of feeding the man since the ancient civilizations, and as long as man has a mouth to feed, Agriculture shall remain the vital occupation of mankind. George Washington rightly said, “Agriculture is the Most Healthful, Most Useful and Most Noble Employment of Man”.

Agriculture connotes to a lush green scenery, as you might find in the starry paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, men tilling the land with all their vigour, the sweat falling from their brows. Behind that sweat lurks the struggle of man to be alive on this planet, and agriculture has played an important role in turning the man away from a nomadic life to snuggle down in settlements, and have a family and a state.Agriculture is the essence of man but when you come across the word Agriculture, it conjures up the images of a rustic woman milking the cows, a yeoman putting to yoke the cattle or a lone sweating farmer tilling the land. Today on the onset of 21st century, these images have changed with the advances in technology. No longer there are cattle ploughing the fields, their place has been taken by The Avant Garde machinery, the cattle milking is done by the machines, hardly a woman has to milk them, the land is tilled by the combines and harvesters, gone are the days when a farmer would put his muscle to work out the fields. With the advances in Technology, the agriculture has had a resurgence in the modern times, which has opened the doors for the wannabe and interested students to make a career out of this ancient, noble and significant activity. Studying agriculture will open the doors of immense possibilities. So if you want to nurture the community, a degree in Agriculture might be the right choice for you.

When it comes to study there is no place on the planet as diverse and culturally rich as the continent of the down under-Australia. The huge progress made by the Australian Scientises &farmers is the witness to the fact that Australian Society besides being fell fed, is industrially advanced. Moreover, the Australian economy is geared towards meeting the needs of sustainable food production. Doing a Study in Agriculture from Australia might be the right decision you have made as it will matter for the rest of your life.


Study to Teach

Agriculture teachers can work in colleges and universities all over the world depending on the level of training and the breadth of knowledge acquired.

Study For Job & Career

In Canada, Australia & New Zealand, career in agriculture is one of the preferred choice among the science students. Canada and Australia being huge in area...

Study For Business

So if you are looking for a profitable future in agriculture then this section will provide you with great ideas to start a business in the agricultural sector...

Food Scientist

An Agricultural Food Scientist is a particular kind of scientist who specializes in analysing farming methods and food production procedures to increase yield...

Agricultural Manager

Agricultural Managers supervise and implement various activities on farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and other agricultural production sites.

Agriculture Consultant

Agriculture consultant is a very important job in the field of agriculture. He is the consultant to the food provider, farmer, and is his sole guide on whom he can rely.


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Upon completion of graduation, the biggest challenge a student faces is which course to choose from, where to study and what country to go to. We sort out these issues with a great ease as we help you in deciding the course to go for as per your interests, experience and understanding of your specialized subject. We will advise you in landing in the right country, opting for the right course and living in the right city. With our expert guidance you will be building your future and securing your career.

At Agri Education, we make sure that students take the right steps, in selecting their course, andin following rules, regulations and obligations that are mandatory. We also explain clearly what are the authentic documents to apply with, during the different stages of application process, as per representing India as level-3 country.

At Agri Education we give visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients through the entire visa process from filling up applications, guidance in arranging the entire documentation, to fulfilment of all the obligations and conditions. Agri Education staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules & regulations,and which helps in steering candidates to filing their documents in the most authentic and rightful manner.

We at Agri Education, are here to inform you in detail about the financial requirements for obtaining visa to study in Australia.

Every student goes through an emotional upheaval of leaving the comfort of home before taking his flight abroad for education. At Agri Education, the counsellors are sensitive towards this situation and provide all the assistance and appropriate set of information that will help students in their smooth pre departure arrangements, Luggage pack-up list, airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, handling queries at the port of entry, travel and their settlement abroad.

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